Sunday, December 21, 2008

[emptynoises] vs abre ojos

After 3 months of collaboration [emptynoises] and abre ojos have just finished an album full of modular synth goodness. On it you will find four tracks each of which followed this process:

seed -> swap -> process -> swap -> process

where each of us would start with 6-7mins of sound, swap it with the other and either process it or create a response using everything from our modular systems to software including ableton live.

Happy holidays!

All tracks are 192 MP3 files.

A free download of the full zipped album including cover art is here: 43.3mb

Or individual tracks here:
1. into the sky 11.1mb
2. the reference is to Coma 9.7mb
3. rotating bodies are magnetic 10.9mb
4. utilised for rationalised ends 9.2mb

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